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pinsetter motor problem


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  • pinsetter motor problem

    Have A2's with Qubica scoring. One lane had the male plug on pinsetter motor melt down. Replaced male plug and machine ran for a while but burned up plug again. Any suggestions? I'm thinking bad motor but don't know how to check. Not blowing any fuses, just melting plug. TIA.

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    Sounds like the motor is pulling to many amps and the circuit breaker isn't tripping.... I would check the wiring on the female plug as well to make sure nothing is loose. Does the motor have the thermal overload on it or is it in the electrical panel on yours?


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      Rbeard, the motor does have a thermal overload on it but it doesn't seem to want to reset which is why I think it might be the motor itself.


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        There are two types of motor overloads, short circuit and overload. A short circuit is exactly what it says and is a major current flow that will trip the breaker very quickly. The second type is caused by a motor overloading or similar condition. This condition will need to exist for some time before it will trip the overload and will be a current draw much smaller than the short circuit condition. For example a 10 amp motor could have overload protection of 11.5 amps and would require this condition to exist for a minute before it trips the overload.

        So, what does this mean. If you have an overload it may not trip any breaker. It should trip the overload protection but since you said you can't reset the overload, it appears the overload protection may be defective.

        Even if the overload protection is NOT working correctly then you still have a problem that is causing the overload condition. This could be a bad bearing in the motor or some external load such as an elevator dragging. The best thing to do is to use a clamp on ammeter to measure the current in the motor. If you don't have one, then this would be a worthwhile investment but not the end of the road. Most multi meters have a current setting. Some only measure DC current so you would need to make sure you have AC current measurement. If you can measure AC current post back and I'll tell you how.

        Short of this, I would suggest swapping in a good motor and see what happens. DO NOT put the old motor on another machine. If it's damaged you will just damage the other machine.


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          exmech, I am waiting for gm to get me a meter of some kind but will try swapping motors. (was looking for a way to avoid the heavy lifting, lol)


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            A defective centrifugal switch can also cause overloads, but as Ex mentioned you might also have a faulty overload allowing the plug fail.
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              The female receptacle in the wire channel is probably bad now too. Should be checked and changed if necessary before proceeding.


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