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  • Acc. question

    Don't know if this is right forum for this question but I have an acc.motor 1/2 hp. 3540 rpm that is sending ball down a damaged track too fast. (Causing ball to jump off track). I have a 1/3 hp, 980 rpm that I want to put on. Will this slow ball speed down enough and will 1/3 hp. be strong enough. I don't have any retarder strips on track.

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    I'm not sure you're reading your nameplates correctly. The 3450 rpm would be a 60 Hz value and the 980 would be a 50 Hz value. Your in the U.S. so you want to use 60 Hz motors. If the motor is dual rating 50/60 Hz then your ok but the motor will run at 1200 rpm or slightly less probably around 1140 rpm depending on the motor and not the 980 rpm. A pure 50 Hz motor may or may not run on a 60 Hz system but even if it does you'll probably see torque issues.

    The 1/2 HP is the heavy duty ball accelerator motor. The HP doesn't have anything to do with the rated rpm that is a function of the supply frequency. You can get 1/2 HP motors in 3450 rpm, 1725 rpm or 1140 rpm as you can get lower HP motors in the same rpm configuration.

    The cheapest solution would be to change the pulleys to drop the rpm in that manner. You can also try a 1725 rpm motor if you have one lying around that fits. There is a replacement motor to slow the accelerator down that is a 1/4 HP running at 1725 rpm so the 1/3 HP should run it fine torque wise. Your just boosting the ball and not lifting it like a ball lift motor would.

    Someone will point it out so I'll go ahead and tell you to fix the track. It's hard telling how slow a ball will have to go to keep the ball on a damaged track.


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      No retarder strips with accelerator is a recipe for trouble.
      IMO accelerators are a false economy. Consider reverting back to a gravity return or ball booster.


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        Ex, management is looking to replace all tracks. Don't think current track can be fixed as hard plastic strips are flattened out and gouged out. Not the strips that you can replace. Motor is already running smallest pulley. Just happen to have this brand new motor laying around. Think I'll throw it on tomorrow and see what happens. Thanks.


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          IMG_1492.JPG We've been running accelerators for years without retarder strips. Running 1/2 hp 1725 rpm with the Zot raising kit. Also running a 33" V belt instead of the original flat belts.


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            If it's nylon track strips/plastics they can be replaced,just held down by tabs. I did a 20 laner with most cracked,broken. I cut them as needed and filed down the meeting more troubles after that with balls jumping. Easy enough job.


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