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Brunswick 2000 hand blower


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  • Brunswick 2000 hand blower

    Don't know if this is the right forum but I have a 24 volt hand blower with no power coming out of the pin connector terminal. Is there a relay inside the control box? Looks like getting into the box is a bear.

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    Should be a relay in the box that closes when the pinsetter is turned on.


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      The 24v hand dryer motors may have a seperate box, with a transformer and circuit breaker for power.
      Some models the transformer is in the control box itself, and may have a fuse for protection.
      Trace the hand dryer cable back to its source, then look for fuses/push button breakers.


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        The System 2000 power lift came with the 24v transformer inside the control box. It also had an overload button on the same face of the box as the toggle switch.
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