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Moving Deck not shifting when full of pins.


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  • Moving Deck not shifting when full of pins.

    Let me try and get all of the symptoms listed here so your not guessing.
    My lane 5 will occasionally not shift the deck if the deck is full before the machine reaches 180.
    When i drop the pin count below 20 and the machine stops at 180 and then fills the turret, as the machine releases from 180 the deck shifts properly.
    Normally i would keep running the machine with 19 pins but the machine will occasionally not stop at 180 resulting in not setting pins.
    I'm missing something simple i know it.
    What ideas can you offer ?


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    You're losing your full deck signal. Many possibilities. Are you experiencing the occassional double feed deck jam when running with more than 19 pins?
    You're right, it will be something simple. Ultimately you need to focus on the long link from the turret becoming unlatched prematurely.


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      Yes sir,
      with more than 19 pins it will double dump due to the fact that it sat an empty deck. Ok i will focus on the long link.

      Thank you so much


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        Stop the pinsetter at 90 degrees strike. If the roller on the deck lift shaft unlocks the long link at 90 strike, remove the nylon roller. When you reinstall the spacer make sure it rolls freely.


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          I had a problem where the latch that locks the long link rearward was so dry and gummed up that it wouldn't lock long link. I just removed x washer pin, cleaned, lubed and reassembled.
          If it cant be fixed with a hammer, use a bowling pin.


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