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New Pin Solenoid works but no cycle on fill ball


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  • New Pin Solenoid works but no cycle on fill ball

    I have a somewhat strange problem with a lane in my center. When the New Pin Solenoid is used rather it be in the 10th frame or by a foul situation the machine will not cycle for the fill shot. The rake drops but there is no signal to the solenoid to cycle. The list of items that I have swapped with other machines is as long as your arm, all to no avail. I have the Zot 2001 triggering system for back up and the machine works by both the Zot and impact triggering under normal circumstances. I am not sure how the pinsetter cycles at this point so any suggestions would be helpful.

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    Check rake down switch inside electrical box @ top right corner

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      This has been replaced , along with TDM, Processor, Zot Board, emitter and transmitter, power supply,reset button up front, solenoid, ball lights, As you can guess I had other problems to start with and all are corrected with this one exception. Still searching for a fix.


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        What scoring system?


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          Frameworx with Vector Office


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            It shouldnt make a difference, as the NPS is actually seperate from the machine triggering.
            The NPS isnt wired up through the triggering.
            It only fires the NPS solenoid at 44 degrees when needed.
            The rake drop micro only connects to the time delay module.

            Disconnect the ZOT, and see if the machine trigger works.
            Likewise, disconnect the rake switch and see if the ZOT triggers it.


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              I have disconnected the Zot, same problem. if you foul and if you do not drop the rake on the fill ball the Zot will cycle the machine and it will score. What ya think of that? I am wondering if there is something that locks out machine triggering so it triggers through the scoring system?
              I will try the rake down switch again, i;m sure it had no affect first time but I don't remember for sure.


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                If you are using Brunswick T/D you need to bypass the rs on the board. It sounds like the T/D is locking out. Also did you replace your parts with known working or off the shelf? Brunswick T/D are infamous for locking out.


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                  With known good ones first off and a silly question but what is the RS you are talking about? I am using the standard TD not an electronic TD.


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