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  • Frameworx power lifts

    I have been having balls catching the side framing of our frameworx power lifts/ball returns right at the top of the flaired opening to the lift. Driving me crazy here. I am starting to suspect these old metal frame lifts could have been installed a touch too low. Can someone tell me when the install specs are for these power lifts? I know you measure from the bottom plate to the top of the lane/approach surface but I can't seem to find a post that has these measurments. Any and all help would be appreciated! Thank you all for your time!

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    Is it just 1 pair of lanes ? You could measure another pair that doesn't have the issue and make the adjustment.


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      Mark caplin man... I wish it was just 1 pair! We're a 60 lane house so that's 30 lifts... I would has a good 1/4 of the lifts are catching balls from time to time... I just checked our lift on 45/46 and I had measurments of: odd lane 14 and 1/4" even side 14 and 1/8" and the back of the lift was 14" both sides... I measured another pair that wasn't showing evidence of being hit and the fronts measured 14" from base plate to top of lane surface. Here we have synthetic over wood so i measured up to original wooded approach surface. So i went back to 45/46 and shimmed up the front with some C-washers so both odd/even side were just about 14"... Man the ball even sounded better entering the lift from the transition track. I can only assume that with the odd side being lower (which was the side being hit the most) had an effect on how that transition track sits as well... So we'll see how it goes from here on out and i may have a lot of lift raising in my future but the premliminary testing was very promising.


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