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Preventative Maintenance - Jets A2 - Ball Lift Rod Tool


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  • Preventative Maintenance - Jets A2 - Ball Lift Rod Tool

    My friend from Classic Lanes and myself have been talking about Lonnie's Lift Rod Adjustment for some time. As he removes and re-installs Brunswick Equipment, he has a lot of stuff. He came up with the idea to "strip" an elevator down to the bare minimums and bolt it to the floor in the pit to do this adjustment. So he did !! It is supper easy to do these adjustments now with nothing in the way to fight or get in the way. He picked the worst machine for ball calls, many each night, and "tweaked" a spare lift rod set he had. Installed it after doing the "Ball Wheel Speed Mod" and putting on a new set of the HP Grey Rod Covers. Has not had a single ball call on this lane after 12 days of league play. The thing he noticed is that the mounting shaft is NOT Always the same dimension from the ball wheel from machine to machine which may require a little more tweaking once installed.

    Video on You Tube: Brunswick A2 Ball Transfer

    ALL Files Scanned with MALWAREBYTES PREMIUM Version and AVAST INTERNET SECURITY Version 19.7.2388

    Ball Rod Adjust Tool 1.jpgBall Rod Adjust Tool 2.jpgBall Rod Adjust Tool 3.jpgBall Rod Adjust Tool 4.jpgBall Rod Adjust Tool 5.jpg

    Here is Lonnie's Procedure: Ball Lift Rod Adjustment.pdf

    He may start doing these for other folks. Biggest Problem would be the cost of shipping. Can always pick up an elevator assembly and bolt it to your pit floor !!

    Note the Invisible Pin Wheel LOL
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    Everything has to be Somewhere !!

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    You're adjusting the lift rods with the elevator seperated from the machine? Or am I reading that wrong.
    I had something similar but on wheels and used a box steel frame to secure elevator to a set of trolley wheels. The only thing I ever noticed with the clapper box mounting shaft is that they didn't always weld it to the frame with the end cap holes being either horizontal or vertical.


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      Are you using ball kickers ?


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        Yes, I believe he left the two short strips that were previously installed on there although Lonnie Does NOT recommend it. I watched the ball go up numerous times and the strips never contacted the ball. After the Lonnie rework, it certainly doesn't look like you will need them.

        You will also notice he welded another support strip on the tool only for a little more support while bending the rods. He does connect the support strap after he places the rods on the mount shaft. He also "Clamps" the left rear rod to the square cross support brace to make doing the rods adjustment easier during Step # 18, allinging the lift rods to the ball wheel.

        One other thing IMO, if you need to severely bend the lower rods, you may want to put some heat on them but NOT at the weld area. Here too, be very careful NOT to Distort the rods if you use heat and as Lonnie cautions, bend very slowly and carefully so you will Not break the welds at the Clapper Block.
        Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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          I use a bottle nose jack wedged between the lower outer rod and clapper box to bend it lower, however you have to chain the upper portion of rod at the bend to the frame to prevent the rod being sucked down. I've never used heat on rods to bend but thats because I only ever bend with rubber on them and mounted in the machine. I have used a press to compress the outer rod when I've stretched it too far using the jack.
          Would loved to have had the opportunity to work on the A model fresh from the factory and the initial install. I wonder how easy/hard the rod adjustment would have been?

          Have we any active members that were in that position?


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            Back in the 90's we bought a new set of rods so we had a spare. That's the closest I got.

            I use a hole digging tool (not sure of the name but it's a solid rod that won't ever bend). To move the outer rod inward I lever the rod between the frame and rod with a piece of wood between to increase leverage; outward, between the upper and lower portion of the outer rod. For the inner rod I place it above or below the bend of the short rod near the clapper (this also affects height which is what I rely on. Tilt is done by hand.

            I use a large inspection mirror to view the ball's position at different stages of the lift.
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              What’s ur buddies name? Classic lanes in fox valley or somewhere else?
              The older the part, the STRONGER it is.


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                His name is Gary. He is part owner of Classic Lanes in Oak Creek, WI and the one in De Pere, WI. He also has one in Menominee Falls, WI. This rig is at the one in Oak Creek. He worked for me as a pinchaser in the 70's. I showed him how to do clutches, remove decks, assemble & reassemble detectors, and just about everything else. He caught on instantly and stayed in the business.
                Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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                  I know Arrow too. Meet him in the 70's after he won a hoinkes event. He said he bought a new car with cash. Bowled with my brother in law for many years for Linds Limited. Still does but boys are old now !!! lol


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                    WOW THATS AWESOME, my shop is in a hallway basically.....


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                      Sounds like Gary Mack? I thought he was an amf guy?
                      The older the part, the STRONGER it is.


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                        Gary Mack is a part owner with my friend Gay D. in De Pere. He is very good at Installing and troubleshooting Qubica.
                        Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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