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ball detector out of alignment


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  • ball detector out of alignment

    We have a lane that we just can't seem to get the two eye to match up and give a good indicator light that they are in alignment. thus we have rake arm coming down at work time. we have tired shimming one side or the other and just not able.

    Looking for some simple tips to fix this problem and/or if we ahve to start over and put in new spot, how best to do that so that we have good alignment, but not spend hours to make it work.

    thanks for the help.

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    When you say "eye" are you referring to the Zot grey and blue blocks?

    If you are you could have a failing blue block (IR transmitter). You can use your camera on your phone to look for the purple glow coming from the center of the lens. When they go dim or cut out they need to be replaced. You can try swapping to another lane to make certain this is your issue.
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      I used to add some tin foil onto the reflectors and that helped alot. Shiny side out. Smoke sticks work well too in being able to see the beam angle.


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