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Time Delay Module Issues


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  • Time Delay Module Issues

    Good morning All

    A-2 machine

    Im having issues with a pinsetter wanting to reset when it get back up to 0, as soon as rack arm gets back up it appears that its hitting the microswitch in the control box and then tripping the time delay module to start the cycle again. Does anyone have any insight on direction to go. i have replaced the time delay module with same results. were using automatic ZOT resets that were adjusted to get the signal working so it would automatically reset again. i have since removed out of the picture to rule them out but am having the same issue of the automatic reset when it gets back to 0.

    You guys will likely need more info and will do the best to get that if anyone has any insight for me


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    Unplug the ball rack reset cable and retest.
    Could be bad button/ or short in reset cable lines.


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      after doing so the issue stopped. ended up pulling apart the 2pin plug and the solder was contacting the housing of the plug. fixed that and everything is back to working!!

      thank you!


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