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Breakers tripping.


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  • Breakers tripping.

    It started with firing up after 4/1 replacement by burning motor receptacles. Repl. 1 male and burnt another. Replaced both male and female and now breakers are tripping. Black and white went to X and Y poles with red on motor to ground and green on feed respectively. I checked for short to ground as well as transformer resistance on coils. I need resistance readings for motor contactor coil as well as motor start relay. Am starting entire trouble shooting process with my own multi as the 1 in the shop is ancient to say the least and may be older then my self. Any extra advice or thoughts are welcomed and very much appreciated.

    Note: Switches in normal run positions and A/P off, there was voltage to pindeck light and lit dimly. Tried to fire up with motor and pindeck light unplugged to no avail.

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    Black and white went to X and Y poles with red on motor to ground and green on feed respectively.

    Am I reading this correctly ?? On a High Voltage motor, Black and Red are the line voltage connections. Sometimes folks have a Black & White wire BUT the White should really be taped RED. THE GREEN IS ALWAYS GROUND !!
    Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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      Why do you have a red wire coming from the motor? Is this a three phase motor?

      Your red wire shouldn't be wired to ground unless you have some strange configuration. Only green and bare are permitted for ground.

      Sounds like you hare the wire wrong. Disconnect all the wires from the receptacle, machine side not motor side, and make sure they aren't touching anything (tape or wirenut the ends). Then fire the machine up and see if it fires up without the motor attached. If it fires up, lights etc, then you have a problem in the motor or the wiring to it.

      Will need more information before we can give you much more help.


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        Sorry Mickey didn't mean to step on you there. Must have been typing at the same time.


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          Japanese pinsetters use black for ground. If the pinsetter or motor might be Japanese you need to use an ohmmeter to determine which wire is ground. And to make sure one of the wires that is supposed to be hot isn't shorted to the other or to ground.


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            Japanese motor was black to ground. Once wired correctly, she runs like a champ. Pologize I didn't get to see these posts til now but I did finger it out. Thanks to the many that attempted to help and I hope it was able to help someone else in the future.

            My initial problem masked the latter with it being in my head as I burned the male motor plug twice due to bad female. I swapped the motor before replacing the female so it blossomed from there. Note to self. IF problem changes with a swap, go back to og setup and fix that problem first.
            lmfao.Best of luck to all, and to all a guud night.


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