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Electrical problem


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  • Electrical problem

    We have a machine that when you un plug the deck light the machine will shut down completely. The light had burned out and we ran it for awhile without it but when we replaced the fixture we notice the contactor had to be manually pressed in for it to run. We replaced the contactor and checked the motor start relay and also checked the wiring on the selenium rectifier and cannot find the problem. We have Brunswick A machines. Please help.

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    First thing 1 would need to know is what voltage your machines main line in is. It makes a tad of difference in wire locations but overall theory is the same. The MSR has to have low voltage to fire and send high voltage to contactor in order for it to fire. If the MSR fires and the voltage makes it to the contactor coil, then I would think the contactor is bad. I have seen new 1's come out fried. The pin deck light should have zero to do with it running unless the wiring is completely wrong.

    My process would be to check fuses, then follow the power back inline til you find where you do have it, mechanics switches and Jam switches all prevent that low voltage to MSR. If MSR fires but no power gets to contactor, then follow the same logic until you find the power that should be at contactor coil. You could look at MSR for a break in MSR lead <internal, power in but not out> that carries high voltage or broken wire to contactor from there. Just testing a part is not all there is and even though it tests guud, under load it could be faulty. Let us know what you find or if further assistance is needed. I'm in the office all day but bolt extractions in Cushion mount to kickback will tie me up a weee bit.


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      It was the motor start relay and a loose wire. Thanks for the help.


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        No worries. Glad you found the issue. Electrical is not necessarily my strong suit but I'm working on it.


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