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Brunswick A2 4:1 Shaft Removal Video


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  • Brunswick A2 4:1 Shaft Removal Video

    Greetings community. I want to share a video I made on removing the 4:1 shaft on a Japanese A2. I do not work these machines all of the time so I wanted a reference in case I ever had to repair a 4:1 again. The bronze gear turned out to have an elongated key-way, creating slop/ slack in the 4:1. A machinist removed the gear and cut a new key-way slot for about $35.00.
    Assembly of the 4:1 into the pinsetter is not shown in the video due to time constraints, but it went together easier than it came apart in my opinion. I noted the angle of the 4:1 lever when I took it off and reinstalled it into the same position, but it is off by a tooth. I think is was off by a tooth then I removed it. There was so much slack, it was hard to tell. The timing marks can only be seen at zero degrees which is a problem for removing the 4:1 shaft.
    Did I do the most efficient and perfect job? No. It is the first time I have removed the 4:1. I know there is a 4:1 removal guide on this website and I used it for reference but I did not follow it to the letter. I made the video to remind me how to repair a machine in the future. If I have the opportunity to do it again, I will update the video.
    The video is free. I appreciate positive feedback and adult input. I am sharing my time and resources to be a positive influence for the pinsetter repair community.


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    "The timing marks can only be seen at zero degrees which is a problem for removing the 4:1 shaft."

    Mark the two adjacent teeth with wite-out or something similar and you can do it at 90 or 270.
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