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  • Mercury switch

    Good morning.
    We have the issue with bowlers pounding the reset button during practice to get back to first ball and the solenoids going crazy, which in turn drives me crazy. We have the simple recycle relay set-up with the solenoids triggering our A's thru Qubica scoring. Can I wire a mercury switch thru the recycle relay to eliminate this issue?

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    Which issue are you trying to resolve? Do you want to keep the bowlers from pressing the reset during practice or what is the goal?


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      Disable or remove the switches and make sure its turn on in Qubica to cycle the machine from the lane through the console. Keeps the kids from pressing it when a parent is bowling too.


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        I want to lock out the reset buttons while the machine is cycling. I apologize I didn't make that clear enough. Thanks for your suggestions!


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          Unless I'm thinking about some other scoring, Qubica has a lockout micro-switch for the reset button. It is located under the reset linkage. Anytime the linkage "is up" the switch is open so the reset button is "locked out". The micro switch assembly is bolted to the 4:1 support plate I believe. A thin strip rests under the linkage to engage the switch when the linkage is "down" (Red Arrow)
          Maybe some here can post a picture of it.

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          Reset Linkage Lockout.jpg
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            Found a Pic. They are bolted to a small plate which bolts to the 4:1

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            Reset Lockout Micro Switch.jpg
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              You can use a strike light switch. Wire it in series with the bowlers cycle button. Then you have two choices. Mount the switch on the rabbit eat shaft so the bowlers button won't work if the rake is down. That will stop all of what you want to stop but bowlers won't be able to cycle the pinsetter when league starts after practice if they throw that one more ball. Or if the rake is down for any other reason.

              Second choice. Mount the switch on the rake shaft. This will only stop about 90% of what is driving you nuts, but bowlers will still be able to cycle the pinsetter unless the rake is away from the stops at the front.


              This shows an old strike light switch on the rake shaft. Mounting is one cable tie and a piece of rubber hose. You could use the same mount on the rabbit ear shaft if you wish.


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                Awesome. Thank you for your help!


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                  Sorry for the blurry pic. This mercury switch on a modified muffler clamp is a kit. I think it's from Zot. The only problem is that sometimes a switch will fall out of the clamp, but a little electrical tape will make sure it doesn't happen again.


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