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clutch not disengage at 0


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  • clutch not disengage at 0

    well the problem is it does no disengage at 0. i replaced the turret, cc, and replace the clutch. and i cleaned and rebuilt the clutch lever assembly. and now it wants to keep cycling threw. i went threw the 180 link adjustment, and the stop collar adjustment. it is a jap a2. i have had this lane down for a week to rebuild everything but the gearbox and the deck. any help would be grateful.

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    Re: clutch not disengage at 0

    Two simple questions is the spring still on the bellcrank for the solonoid and is your clutch lever raising over the stop so it can stop?
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      Re: clutch not disengage at 0

      Start with the simple things....clutch adjustment, gap between clutch plate and cone, contamination of clutch plate (not likely since you just rebuilt it, but just make sure you cover all your bases),is the solenoid being energized, or is it simply overtraveling? Make sure the spring is installed for the stop arm, and as keeth mentioned above, the spring for the bellcrank. Is the roller on the reset lever being "captured" by the clutch latch? Just a few ideas for starters......good luck



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        Re: clutch not disengage at 0

        i think i got i will know in a few but what i found was that the
        the roller is get caught at the bottom of the clutch actuator link.


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