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  • Electrical box

    I was wondering if there is any other companies out there that have an electronic replacement electrical box like this one from bowl-tronic's?
    We're looking to change out the old boxes we have here since there's been 15 mechanic's hands in them since 1968 and we're starting to have a lot of problems because of that?


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    I've been doing box rebuilds this whole last season, and as far as I know Bowltronics has the only complete setup like that. That being said, they cost a lot, and we're able to do basically a full rebuild including inspecting all wiring, and installing 1A and 3A breakers, silicon rectifiers, and cube relays for under $100 per box. With one extra box on hand, we can rebuild them at our leisure (doesn't take too long if most of the wiring is in decent shape), and one person can remove the old box and install the new one in less than 5 hours. That 5 hours includes an estimate for getting sidetracked multiple times and having to deal with other stupid things that pop up. It doesn't include time needed to wire nut 20 tiny scoring wires when you accidentally crimp a wire off with the u-bolts mounting the new box. (Some lessons are learned the hard way.)

    I was a little intimidated at first, but it's not too bad after you get into a rhythm. Some of the things we've found here are... get ready for a lame pun... shocking. I'll just say this: whoever installed these things here second-hand did the bare amount of wire-moving necessary to make them sort of work. The fact that they were wired for 230v and we have 208 didn't seem to faze them, nor the fact that they apparently didn't have any wire connectors but DID have a truckload of cheap electrical tape.

    It's kind of fun after a while, you know? Like, what are we going to find on the next lane? I've got a killer photo album going. Got to find time to get them all on here.


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      What thebuch says is very true. I am an AMF guy with virtually no A/A2 mechanical experience. Many years ago I collaborated with a bowling service company and they asked me if I could make electrical boxes for A/A2 machines because the existing ones on the used machines they imported were like rats' nests and were 60 Hz. I asked them for the most up to date schematic they had and started producing them very quickly. As I remember the TDM was not required because the machines ,when refurbished, would be installed with a scoring system that took care of the time delay. Once you have a wiring "map" of the point to point connections in the box, the production becomes easier. Use different colour wiring for the 24volt and DC and HV connections. I also made a test box to duplicate the machine with all the switches and microswitches to bench test the boxes prior to fitting them. I unfortunately no longer have my diagrams or I would have posted them..


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        Thanks guys, but we were really looking for someone that re-builds them and at this point we're desperate for one that works. So if anyone knows of someone in the industry that does re-build them please either message me here or call me at 503-319-0097.



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          Call Ed Fox at EBN Services. I got one from him a few years ago that William built. It was installed in about 2 hrs.


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            Trixter, I sent you a PM.


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              It's really fairly straight forward to do yourself. I was nervous on my first couple, but got them all done:


              I even installed "Motor-Savers" in my boxes (ie, motors come on when the machine is reset, and go off after 3 minute of inactivity). Each box cost me about $65 in parts. Was a long process, but worth it in the end.


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                Nice work!
                When I die bury my balls next to the old bag!


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                  have you made a parts list and diagram yet I need to do mine bad have one down right now thanks for any help


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