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  • serial numbers

    anyone ever seen a detector with 2 serial numbers? especially one with numbers that far off? these are not rebuilds and my machines are all in the 59,000 range like the number on the bottom.
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    I have seen take on it was that the original numbered part was on the proper machine. Then the detector may have been shipped back to Brunswick under a warranty issue...or never made it out of the factory. Once the issue was repaired or taken care of...a new serial number was put onto the detector to indicate where in the changes it might be. There may have been some changes in the detector between those numbers like the removal of the auto foul mechanism that was installed in the early detectors. Not sure if the original number would fall into that run...but definitely the OOR controller did change at 23001. Since the numbers are so far apart...I would guess it was a warranty issue that had been sent back. Just my guess though.

    Any other ideas on this are more than welcome as I do not know this to be factual. My guess it is in the ballpark though.

    Does that help?

    You could also find out there pinsetters that have serial numbers in the 200,000 range...even though there were never any made with that serial number. Rebuilt pinsetters by Brunswick back in the 80's I believe, had their original serial numbers obliterated and a new number above 200,000 given to them. This is just another example of Brunswick using serial numbers later on after a part/pinsetter already had a serial number.

    Hope that helps...
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      Steve i would have never thought of that that is very interesting. my center opened in 1960 with 82 30s then in 62 had brunswick put in. Thanks for all of your helpful information!


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