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pin elevator hitting frame 7 pin side


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  • pin elevator hitting frame 7 pin side

    We have A's, problem with 2 pin wheel's rubbing the frame and cutting into them. 1 seems to have straightened itself out, the other has just started and is ruining the guide roller flange's, all of this is on 7 pin side. Can the arm that holds the guide rollers be twisted? The inner roller touches the outer doesn't which allows the wheel to shift against the frame and cut into it.
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    I've never heard of the guide roller arm twisting so I doubt it to answer that question. Did u check the large bolt holding the bottom pinwheel guide roller in place to make sure its tight? I'll assume u check all flanges to make sure there isn't any chucks missing or razor thin.
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      Check lower/upper roller flanges and be sure they are good and not thin. Next pull the upper roller assy's and check the through bolt to see if it's bent. I have found that many of them are. Yes, the arms can become bent after tine. Lift rods do, so why not guide roller arms? Sometimes I've had to pitch the 7 side guide roller assy with a washer so it would favor one side or the other. Make sure spacers are on the correct side. Big spacer toward the bowler, small spacer towards you...
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        Have you changed lower pin wheel roller lately its not uncommon for spacer [ p# 12-400018-22 ]
        to roll out of site and missed when installing new roller


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          If the upper rollers were changed, the spacers may have been put in backwards. There are two different sizes of spacers...and they may be on the wrong side of the guide arm. I personally went to two of the smaller guide rollers instead of one of each side...made a tighter fit and never a chance of a pinchaser getting them backwards.

          Can the guide arms twist? Yes, I have seen it. Here is a way of checking....

          Clamp a 3/8 threaded rod in a vise. Measure the distance to the wall behind the vise as in the picture below.

          Next, attach the threaded rod into the guide arm and clamp the guide arm in the vise and measure the distance the threaded arm is from the wall. Measure in the same place at the wall to compensate for issues with your vise being square to the wall. You will need to do a little math as the threaded rod will be farther away from the wall because of the way the guide arm is built. I apologize, but I can not remember the difference. You can determine the difference by placing the guide arm in the vise 90 degrees clockwise from the image below. Measure the distance from the jaw of the vise to the edge of the hole that you are going to put the threaded rod into. That will give you your offset...then subtract that from the distance you measure with the arm in the air like the image below. If the distance is the same, there is nothing wrong with the guide arm.

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