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    I'm having issues when the table is setting pins all pins are falling. I have checked pork chops and springs everything seem to be good where should i start?

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    Check that the spacers are not missing on the Distributor track brackets, stopping the full swing of the cups, i,e; no bind with the r/cell, look for shiny rub marks

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      This is a little late, but were the cups turning all the way (i.e. normally)? If they were, you might want to check to make sure you don't have a pillow block broken on one of the main table shafts coming out of the motor. Also check your spotting rod to make sure the nut isn't loose. If the cups aren't turning normally, then check to make sure a respot cell hasn't come apart or broke and is hitting a cup or pin deflector. Those are good places to start.
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