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    Just click on the little white box behind his ID
    I'm going fishing and camping!


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      Originally posted by PJ View Post
      Just click on the little white box behind his ID
      Well, crap - I did everything BUT that! No matter we exchanged emails, but thanks for pointing that out! I feel kinda dumb for not even noticing that - lol
      I've had enough of hope & chains.


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        OK Im a little late but I did run 32 lanes of Zot chassis. we had to to interface with BESX scoring. I am talking out loud here, when ever my chassis had a High V it would not work at all. It had to be sent back under warrenty to reset it . After the warranty ran out I did repair one myself. That was in 2013 to 2015. Unless Zot reworked them Here is what I do not understand how you can have a High V issue. Now we had Low V issues that are like what you are describing. So if you can reply does the High V light come on then you can reset it??
        One other thing to make sure you have good contact on Your J box terminals. You can buy replacements fromQAMF if they are burnt. I used a small pocket screw driver to bend the tabs in to make full contact. Of Course UNPLUG pinsetter.
        Later Chief.
        PS mis my 30.s I now have 2 years on GSX. FYI 8230 center was sold due to land worth more then business.


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          yes H/V press ball 1-2 button.....then H/V light turns off cycle machine all good for a while like sometimes a day or a month just depends. I will make sure to recheck J-Strip connections. thanks


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