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  • Machines Too Loud

    Lately we have been getting some complaints about the noise in our building and the owner wants me to quiet things down cheaply. The main issue is the fact that there is no drop ceiling so all the noise from the machines just bounces around the metal ceiling 30 ft up. I am looking for any ideas on a cheap fix for now.

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    If you turn all the machines off, it will be so quiet you could hear a pin drop !!!! LOL Seriously, if you google "Sound deadening material" you will get more info than you want. Ceiling spray is pretty pricey, fiberglass ceiling panels work well, decorative panels for the wall and ceiling are also pricey but the ones below work very well and aren't too expensive if you shop around. We use these in recording studios.

    Sound Panel.jpg
    Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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      This is a very complex issue and become very expensive to conquer. I have noise issues also. But I have hard surface ceiling. I have some the toys on things to try that may be inexpensive.

      couple of questions for you.

      what do you ceilings look like?

      Are they complaining at concourse about noise?

      what does it look like over lanes?

      most important thing to do is break up the travel of the sound waves. So we need to figure out where how they are traveling and how to slow them down.
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        Ceilings are non existent, Basically just an open warehouse, Metal, metal and more metal.

        Yeah the noise is coming from the concourse

        Over the lanes is the same metal metal metal

        The issue we are having is the owners do not want to spend the money on sound deadened but magically want the noise to stop. We are just looking at exploring cheaper options to do with the pinsetters The only real sound other then the balls hitting the pins is the the pins falling into the pinwheel.


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          My biggest thing I was wondering if there are sprinklers. Because whatever you do, you cannot block or impede the flow of water.

          You can get thick fire retardant fabric and hang strips the run the length of the bowling center over the machines, run on each side of the Lights.

          Or you can make acoustic clouds, Take sheets of plywood and add sheets of foam to it and hang from ceiling at different heights to break up the noise.

          These would be a good option is you can convince management to invest. Whisperwave clouds.They are 2ft by 4ft, they would look attractive for your venue over the lanes and you get 4 of them for $200. Hang them between pairs of lanes evenly spaced.
          Made from Melamine foam, Whisperwave® Ceiling Cloud curved accent products allow you to unleash your creativity while reducing noise and reverberation.


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            How long has this place been open?

            If awhile it's seems odd that just now someone is complaining about noise.

            If it really has become louder recently then what has changed?


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