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Unused PR Relays with Omega Tek Conversion


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  • Unused PR Relays with Omega Tek Conversion

    Hi Everyone!
    I recently converted a couple 6525 Stepper Chassis to Omega Tek control. They work great! My understanding is that PR 6 and PR 7 no longer are used after this conversion. If I were to remove them is there anything to do other than soldering together any normally closed contacts and removing the rest of the wires? The manual also states that only a single set of contacts is used on the other PR relays. Anyone know which sets those are specifically? I would love to simplify these chassis as much as possible.
    Also does anyone need spare steppers or timers? I have no use for them

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    Yes, for PR6/PR7 all you need to do, as you said, is hook together any N.C. wires and then you can get rid of the relays. As for the other relays, the board is connected to more than 2 wires on most of them so it's not obvious by looking at the installation manual which set of contacts it actually uses for operation therefore we usually try to keep them all clean to be safe. Also, the manual says "aside from the elevator solenoid and spot contacts" it only uses one set of contacts per relay. This means PR2 would actually have 2 sets of contacts that are still used. 1 for the board itself (low voltage) and 1 to engage the spotting solenoid (high voltage).
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      Great! Thanks for the info, Louie!


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