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  • Counter Problem

    We have Clutch and Kidneys conversion on our 82-30s. right now we are having problems with machine calling for pins. when clutch engages pin wheel starts to turn then it dis-engages before it even feeds a pin. to get it to stert feeding we just push the pin feed button on chassis and it feeds no problem. if it manages to make it to feed the first pin it runs as it should and and feeds. it will feed properly about 1 out of 5 times. we have changed micro switch in counter we have even changed counters. we have changed chassis, we have checked wiring, re adjusted Micro switch in counter. any ideas

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    You've already checked the obvious. Some other things to check are:

    -All the J-Strip pins where the chassis plugs in to make sure none of them are bent or pushed out
    -Check wiring, switch, and switch adjustment for the switch under the distributor as this plays a part in pin feed.
    -Make sure counter switch has a good ground
    -Possible clutch problem??

    Not much else in that circuit so it has to be in those areas somewhere. Good Luck!
    Experience: Currently Help Maintain 44 82-30s and 50 82-70s.


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      thanks i will check the TA switch under the under the distributor. clutch will try after that. thanks i will keep you posted


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        I had a set of jumper wires that i could connect to SW 5 pin count switch to J strip, this will tell you if you have a wiring issue.Since you say it is intermittent. It's not hard at all to make up a jumper. I had a jumper made up for SA wires also ready to go . good to have on hand. wires can and do fail inside the insulation.
        Later Chief
        PS I also had the ends label with the J strip connection # so any one of my mechanics could hook up quick and not call me in.


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          sorry it has been so long. we thought we had it by cleaning up connections in J-strip. however it has reared its ugly head again. my Mechanic has replaced just about everything......except the wiring. he has put new connections at terminals.....i believe a set of jumpers is the ticket to at least rule out the wiring we have just about ruled out everything else. thanks again.


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            so jumping (bypassing wires seems to not help) we are totally confused now. let me see if i have the progression of this system down. chassis tells counter engage clutch on back end motor (old pin feed gate). the counter then starts counting pins that are dropped into orienting pan. when it gets to 0 it tells clutch to disengage. the TA switch under distributor by the yoke, tells the chassis that distributor is in the correct position (7 pin position) so it is ok to run table engage spotting solenoid to set new deck and process repeats. let me know if im correct on this.


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              ok so first part of that didn't make sense chassis tells clutch to engage not counter.


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                Well the only part you have not replaced is the clutch. I would try replacing or moving to different machine. Good luck
                Later Chief


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