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one more distributor question.....


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  • one more distributor question.....

    all eight of my distributor tracks are "shimmed" at all three corners....usually just washers between the bracket and base of raise the track...if I remove the shims, the distributor gear scrapes on the brackets...worst at the one pin....can someone tell me why this is required? I like to bring things back to proper, as opposed to rigging things to work...could this be the brass bushing the distributor is mounted in being worn? I also have had three tracks break in two recently...usually finding a pin or two under the track when the cups flip back....all input is greatly appreciated...

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    I do not this any longer,but it sounds like you have quite the rebuild on your hands.Not knowing how your tables are running,I would start with this.As it seems your tracks and distributors are your biggest issue.This needs to calm down to get some your calls down.Check all your distributor tracks 1 by 1.Make sure all hardware is tight,if you can change your track brackets.Originally (I believe)there were squares pieces 2 for each corner.1on top of bracket,I on bottom.This helped protect the slotted holes on the track brackets.I change all the Allen screws.They strip out all the time.I used Phillips machine screws and Stover nuts.This kept everything solid,tight,and same across the house.If you have to use washers use fender washers same concept.Sometimes you need more then 1 at the headpin.That's ok these machines are old.Next check the distributor head level at the 5 pin with table down on top of pins in teapot mode.Do you have a manual?Have you done this?Not real difficult,but needs done if you want things close to spec.Hope this helps.


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      The original design calls for a 1/8 thick shim above and below the track support bracket. I made them out of strap steel from any hardware store, a drill and hacksaw is all you need to make them. they need to be installed for the reason you state. and you have to double them up sometimes. make sure the support bracket on the respot cell have good bushings and pins are not worn.
      Check the pantograph rod ends for worn bushings also. to test for worn areas on your distributor put your toe under the front of the square tube of the linkage. lift up and down, if all is good you should have little movement. look at all connections and you will see the worn areas that need attention. also look at the dist. mount bushing and see if there is movement meaning ware.
      It can be the bushing worn or the dist. shaft can be worn. easiest way to check is by having a new bushing and pull dist. and if the new bushing fits tight it's warn bushing, if it wobbles the shaft is worn. Until you correct the dist. slop the head leveling is not going to work start at correct level adjustment and you may need to adjust it higher to get dist. to clear.

      What I did to repair track hardware.
      I weld a 1/8 plate to worn track support covering the bolt oval holes and drill out ovals. next i brass 2 1/4 washers on each side for the 1/4 pivot pin, run 1/4 drill through to clean up.
      then take worn pivot pin and braze a 1/4 washer to end without x washer cut. this makes pin long enough to compensate for the added width of bracket. also pin will be riding at a different spot so you correct for a worn pin.
      If your dist. shaft is worn and not the bushing i take some sheet metal and cut at an angle starting at 1" taper to 3/8" about 3" long.round it to match shaft of dist. a piece of pipe or old shaft works. Then as you lift up the square linkage tube insert then wedge you made at the backside between shaft and bushing tap up with hammer and as it tops out it will bend over. it may take two or more depending on how worn it is. quickest way to hold in place is wrap the shim in place with electric tape. it will fall out if not secured. I would drill hole through shim and use a 3/8metal screw to hold in place.
      Ok hope this helps Later Chief

      PS after welding plate to support you no longer need plate on bottom.


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