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AMF 82-30 running out of time??


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  • AMF 82-30 running out of time??

    Im brandon and im a mechanic for orchards lanes in lewiston idaho 83501. recently ive had about 4 machines start to run out of time. (table coming down on sweep.. or table runs down after a cycle finish) things like that. i thought it was just going to be a connection issue. so i have cleaned all connection in the j- strip chassis and all motor switches. I have also switched chassis as well. Some machines are more frequent and others more intermittent. right now just looking to get some ideas where the issue could be. thank you for all of the assistance.

    -Brandon Mech

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    Do you still have all your table wiring for a X cycle?If you do,since you have already been in there.Pull #27 in the J box and see if the problem goes away.If it does,then you would need to check your table/respot cell wires for shorts.


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      No. We have updated the scoring system and no longer need/use the table wiring for X cycle. but i will check for shorts in my wiring for the cam switches again to see if i have missed something. thank you for reply. i will keep you updated.


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        Could possibly be your combo motors are drifting slightly?Check your sweep and table motors that they are braking properly.If thats not it,not only check your cam switch wiring (table and sweep),but also your switch adjustments.I have seen table switch wiring TA1 and TA2 do weird stuff.These particular wires get awfully damaged overtime.


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