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turnpan/pinwheel issue


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  • turnpan/pinwheel issue

    hey guys...head first pins are sliding beyond the pan. the base never goes downhill into the pan, then the pin either falls harshly to the beam below, or they get jammed in the distributor drive shaft area...base first pins work fine...found lots of little things, like bushings and rubber tips in poor shape, but still happens after all are repaired...also, head first pins(only) that were not supposed to drop, fall out of the pinwheel as soon as they head down hill...long before they are supposed to be released at the missing parts, and the deflector, etc are adjusted well...betting, but not sure, that the two failures are related...toggles appear to be properly assembled, adjusted, and working properly...noticed one toggle doesn't open fully, but that one doesn't fail...any ideas or suggestions would be welcomed as always, thanks!

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    I'm not sure if i have any pics of what I fabed up. I think it was a few ruined phones ago. What I did was fab up a deflector shield. I took a plate of 1/8 steel Aprox. 6" by 10" at the dist pan bend a wedge or angle to catch pin head. I drilled the bottom corner 5/8" To fit over the pin stabilizer bar. on the other side i drilled 5/16" hole to accept 1/4" bolt and bolt to frame. theres a little more to it and you need to be able to weld, It helps.
    IM me if you want to build the deflectors or I have seen similar modifications.
    I also glue old distributor belt patches onto the pin wheel opposite the toggle tip where the belly of the pin seats. A strip about 4 ' long.
    What you want is for the pin to clear the dist. drive shaft before falling.
    I had the budget and welding fab to make it work.
    Let me know I could mock up some templets and send pics, but there are no 8230 left in my state but I can get you the information if you want it. The 8230 is a great machine and I have many mods to make them run better. I miss them.
    O and just to note my 8230 ran better then any current pinsetter around!!!!!!
    Later Chief


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      worked on and learned much in the last couple days...with the help of Gary, a retired amf mechanic, who actually installed these lanes back in the, first, I misunderstood how the pin seating roller should be was at least a half inch away from the pins..i adjusted, leaving daylight...turns out, the pin is supposed to be pushed into the back of the pinwheel pocket by this roller, so it needs to make full a bolthead sticking out of the back of the solenoid area, interacting with the cam roller, preventing some from fully opening...third, found the measurement for the space between the pivot pins was a quarter inch larger than the next machine/book...after fixing all of these, it still drops head first pins that are supposed to stay in the wheel...everything is improved, not perfect though...whats left is putting identical rubber pads on, or just going to original...the above input is great, but I am so close, I will finish this first...and yes, 8230s are great...I grew up in and work on Brunswick A2s, and they mechanics all badmouthed that I own some, I can say they work better, and are mostly easier to work on...thanks again!


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        If you figure out something let me know as well. When I took over for the original guy from 1961 when the place opened he had a few mods as well for head first pins falls. Nothing was stopping the falling though. Putting a small piece of normal garden hose over the toggle tip seemed to help the best though. He also took some old carpet belt and installed it over the bar that's meant to protect the drive shaft, tied it around the frame just in front of the pinwheel belt and bolted to the side frame to about 3" above the plow. So pins that do fall out won't get stuck at the dist drive shaft and don't slam as hard into the plow and cushion shock.

        I attached 2 pictures to give you an idea.


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