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  • Pit Cushion question

    I keep getting balls stuck on the far side of my pit cushion (lane 12, 7-pin side). I've talked with my mechanic and he's told me it's just from use over time that a small dip gets worn in to it, and he said he didn't know of anyway of fixing it, other than to replace the pit cushion with a new one. Before I go and spend money on a new one, I was curious if anyone here has ever encountered a similar issue, and if you have, if you have a good fix for it. The pit cushion is perfectly fine, expect for the fact that reactive balls have a habit on getting stuck on that side, and I have to constantly be getting ball returns.


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    There are a few things you can try before replacing the cushion.

    1. You can take an old strip of pit carpet about 3" wide (and however long you need it to be) and glue it along the bottom edge of the cushion rubber under the facing where the ball usually gets stuck (use contact cement or something similar). This can sometimes help keep the ball from wedging in there.

    2. You can try flipping the cushion shock mounting bracket upside down. This will push the cushion forward a little bit which puts it more above the bounce plate which gives the ball less room to wedge under the cushion. Here's the one I'm talking about:

    2018-11-13 14_34_13-AMF_82-30_Parts_Manual_4400_5850_6525.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.png

    3. Take a pin and see if you have excess space between the cushion and the carpet. If you have plenty of room for the cushion to go down you can take the rubber cushion block out of the metal box hanger that the end of the cushion tube weldment is in and cut a little bit off the bottom and reinstall it (how much you cut off depends on how far you can go down). This will drop your cushion straight down making less of a space for the ball to wedge.

    We have done these things on multiple machines and had them work. But they don't always work. It's just a trial and error thing. If these don't work then your best bet would be to rebuild the cushion. Good Luck.
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      I recently had a ball stuck under the cushion, and on another lane had a ball go thru....turns out on both, the rubber shock block was gone on one end of the cushion rod...big rectangle rubber block with an offset hole....opposite for each side....another time, it was the shock mounts under the carpet....everything sagged, allowing the ball under...possibly my least favorite repair job.:-)


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        If the facing is worn away leaving the cushion rubber bare or if you are using rubber rivets reactive balls will stick to it. Use urethane plus rivets and a good facing like a 7 hole one from EBN.


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