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T1 transformer melt down.


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  • T1 transformer melt down.

    Anyone else just have a transformer give up life for no apparent reason?

    I had a T1 transformer in 6525 chassis suddenly start smoking. Fortunately we were able to cut power before too much smoke was let out.
    The only machine problem was someone had hit the sweep and inverted the right side link. Sweep bar at about 20deg angle and off track.
    I don't know if that was related, but the transformer failed within 10 minutes of that. I don't really see how that could be related.. maybe?

    We corrected the sweep bar and replaced the chassis with a back up. All seems good, except now I have a dead chassis, no backup. The transformer oozed a waxy material. Generally a pretty smelly event.

    These are Omega Tek converted chassis.


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    I agree that the sweep issue was unlikely related.... I had a transformer go bad on a chassis last season. Has to be pretty rare. Only one I have ever seen. I replaced it with a used one out of one of my spare chassis that I use to rob parts from to fix others. Only reason I could see was possibly it was just old.
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      Sometimes, when a transformer fails, you can run some tests to see what may have caused the failure to help guide you where to look for a possible problem. When it melts down like this, is isn't quite as straight forward. If you're interested in looking for a possible cause, let me know and I can give you some things to check but don't hold your breath they will reveal anything.

      With that said, it may only seem like you have resolved the issue and are only left with a dead chassis due to a bad transformer. The problem though may be in the chassis itself and by changing it out, you have resolved the machine issues but the underlying issue remains. There may be some underlying issue in the chassis that caused the other problems. For example, there my have been something happen that caused the sweep to be down at the wrong time causing the sweep to get hit. So instead of the sweep getting hit causing the transformer issue, it could be the other way around. It's also possible that something else in the chassis caused both the other problems, the sweep being down and the transformer failing.

      So when you get a new transformer, proceed with caution before putting it in. Check for shorts or bad wiring and give the chassis a good check up both visually and with a meter to give yourself some sense of confidence that the new transformer won't just get fried when you fire it up.


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        It will have to study the schematic, and find the expected loads. Will have to check to find any bad coil, resistor etc. Now if I only had some spare time. Lol. I agree that I wouldn't want to replace the TX and have it blow.


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