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  • coils

    just wondering where you guys get the magnetic coil part of the pinwheel gate solenoid...or do you just buy the solenoid assembly? I used to be able to get a bag of twenty of these pretty cheap...I cant find a part number for the coil in my books...does anyone have that info? assuming 120v input is greatly appreciated...

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    Crazy I didn't even know you could get just the coils. How the heck do you swap those out? Drill the rivets?

    Only part number I have is for the solenoid itself at 000026027.


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      I haven't taken one apart yet...didn't know it was riveted. ..used to buy coils from granger. long as I had a sample, they could come up with a match..


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        AMF in the old days used to sell all the parts for solenoids, ie; flat springs, brass guides, coil, housing and armature and they had small screws holding them all together. If you have an old 30's parts book they would have been in there.
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          You can still find parts to repair most solenoids as they are manufactured by a third party that sells them over many industries. I have torn solenoids apart to flip the rails upside down because this is the component that usually failed and caused the plunger to stick. (Note: These were not 8230 solenoids as I'm not sure what they use but probably similar) However, with the cost of labor being higher it is generally not cost effective to have someone tearing them down rather than just replacing the unit an moving on but once you are familiar with the process it doesn't really take that long. That being said, don't throw away old units as you can salvage parts to repair other units.

          Do you have a manufacturer and part number of the solenoid itself or a picture of the solenoid being used.

          Here is the tear down of a Dormeyer 240 V solenoid used on the cycle solenoid of a Brunswick A machine.

          Refer the pics below:

          1) Remove rivet from back of solenoid. This will allow guide rails to come out later.
          2) Remove retaining clips that hold plunger in.
          3) Retaining clips are held in with tab the two corners of each front clip.
          4) Pic 4 shows retaining clips removed from both sides.
          5) Plunger will now slide out.
          6) Plunger guide rails will now come out. The may require a little coaxing. Note how they are installed so you can get them back in correctly.
          Tabs on front of the rail will go behind tabs on frame during the final insertion.
          7) Pic 7 shows the components removed.
          8) Coil will now slide out side of frame.
          9) This shows the coil removed. It is wound on a plastic mold and can be replaced as a unit.

          Then just reassemble in reverse order. You can replace the rivet or just use an appropriate screw with a nylock nut to keep the vibrations from knocking it loose.

          We use to also remove the coils on our lane machine and rewound the coils ourselves due to the expense of the solenoids. I've found the same process applies to all Dormeyer solenoids I came across. And yes I have also unwound the coils to use the wire for the kid's science projects.
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            exMech, 30 solenoids are exactly the same as 70's
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              more great input...those coils look exactly like book only shows the assembly, no blow up of the parts...


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