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pins in ball doors


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  • pins in ball doors

    just looking for tips to reduce the number of pins that make it into the ball doors...I keep the carpet and cushion clean...pins too...seems that one ball goes in, a pin is trapped between it and the next ball, door opens, pin is pushed in...sometimes challenging to get the pin out...especially if caught in the door, with the door locked...input is appreciated as always!

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    If you figure it out let me know.

    I have 1 lane that for about 15 years now constantly gets pins in the door with ball behind it. Mostly only 15+ lbs balls tho. Different carpets, ball door shocks, brackets under the bounce boards. All been the same outcome.


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      my gut says that its really a two ball problem....1st light ball or lefty weighted ball doesn't open the between ball one and ball two...ball two pushes ball one and the pin into the door...door partially closes behind ball one, pin half way or all the way in...perhaps the button that opens the door needs to be easier to push, or the springs holding the door closed might be too firm for the lighter balls...just spit ballin' here...also, I have some wedges that the veteran amf mechanic I have worked with says are for deflecting pins away from the door...meant to be mounted under the carpet...I vaguely remember him saying they were hard to install, and caused other troubles, thus they were not installed here...


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        Oh your doors don't move? Ours go back and forth between the lanes, sometimes it seems they aren't strong enough to push a pin + 16lbs ball. Even with the clutch sometimes too strong and push out the 6 & 7 lbs balls.


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          mine lock closed...when a ball touches the button, it unlocks...the doors swing on a hinge, using springs to reclose...a ball on one side, locks the other clutches...


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