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double loading after strikes


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  • double loading after strikes

    i have zot chassis with eagle machine fails to set pins after a strike, the deck is empty...the solenoid doesn't shift after a strike, but does after a spare...upon resetting everything, trying another chassis, etc, it always works for 4 or 5 strikes...then fails...the coil seems to be pulling hard, no buzzing...I need to test to see if voltage is being sent to the coil, but I don't think it is....going to replace it, as I have replaced everything else with known good spares...I would welcome any ideas of where to look next....the x lights up on the masking unit, and the table goes down to set pins, the only failure is the lack of solenoid shift after strikes...thanks for your help as always!!!

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    Definitely need to see if there is voltage at the solenoid when this happens. That will tell you a lot. If there isn't, then you have a bad connection somewhere between the chassis and the solenoid (since you've eliminated the chassis itself as being the problem). If there is voltage there then either your solenoid is going bad or there is too much pressure on the arm that is attached to the solenoid which would keep it from actuating. Perhaps the timing of the table is a little off on that lane which causes the solenoid signal to be sent when there is pressure on that arm during a strike?? I don't have any experience with Zot chassis so I'm not sure exactly when they send the signal for spotting pins after a strike. I know on a regular chassis it happens right when the table cam reaches the zero position. Can the solenoid easily be closed by hand with the table at zero? I assume it can since it's spotting fine after a spare. Let us know what you find out.
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      if I understand what I am seeing, it appears to be the same as yours....the moment the table reaches zero and stops, the solenoid shifts...the arm is free swinging with no resistance..i can open and close the solenoid by hand any time its not powered, once powered, it has a strong pull...the gap on the set screw is correct...the chassis knows to hold back pins until the table comes back up, after not setting pins, then loads another ten...I have a spare, so I will change the solenoid next...then trace the wires back from there...after testing for voltage...great input, and thanks!


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        swapped out the solenoid with a known good one, and then tested voltage...110v at both times...the only thing I didn't get to do is see if voltage is there at failure...apparently all I have to do is shut the machine off for a little while, and it will work for 5 strikes, then fail...not sure what to do now, as wiring isn't my strength...I am going to swap them all with a known good, from a known working machine...which I have already done...first I need to see voltage in failure mode...that's all for now...


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          Keep and eye on the table motor. Is it drifting at all? No matter what I've tried here but our table motors can't have the solid state switches on them or they drift and cause double sets of pins in the table.


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            will do....would that make it so it always works after 2nd ball? just found a drawing of the chassis wiring...should be able to check for output voltage at the pins...I am wondering how the chassis knows a strike happened...the machine is doing everything right, even the x lights...maybe that would point to the failure...have a huge party coming Saturday, and really want to find the cause......thanks again!


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              Ours wasn't always drifting but it seemed after it got warmed up it would. Go just far enough to not be able to open the solenoid and boom would shoot another set of pins.

              Well our machines the scoring system tells the machine its a strike or not. But before it was the table wiring, table would come down to feel for pins if there was none to pick up it would get the signal to stop, pop the solenoid and down came the new rack of pins. So guess one of those wires/switches could be shorting out.


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