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    l and k has failed on 3 but is lit on 4.....I know I need to do continuity tests between the plug and the switches to find the failure...I put that off on the incorrect thought that the strike cycle fix was as simple as plug and play....I will look into the xlmp...I wonder if Sergio installed one here too....L-)


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      I don't think you are in over your head. I think your doing just fine. It took a few messages back and forth to figure out what equipment you do and don't have but it wasn't that bad and now you have learned something about your system.

      The box you posted the picture of is a Six-box. Looking at the picture of the label you posted in the upper corner you see the QBKSIX. Additionally, you can tell this by the 3 terminal strips of 8 positions each. If you look at the picture I posted previously, you can see the first terminal strip on the left is for the right machine and the terminal strip on the right is for the left machine. On each terminal strip from the left to the right in groups of two you have the machine cycle, power, foul input, 2nd ball light input.

      The center terminal strip only has 4 wires on the left side on your box. This is for the L-com input. This allows the data from the scoring to be translated to activate the relays for cycle and power. Also the status from the foul and 2nd ball light are translated here to send back down the L-com to the scoring.

      You don't have any wires tied to the other L-com terminals which makes me more comfortable saying you probably don't have an XLMP. I'm guessing this box isn't the one where the bumpers are at. I would imagine the bumpers are tied into these extra four terminals on the lane with the bumpers.

      As far as your upgrade being plug and play, it pretty much should be .. if you had the XLMP. From here the process is basically.

      1) Order and install XLMP next to the Six-box.
      2) Run a four wire cable from the 4 open spaces on the center terminal strip in the Six-box to the top terminal on the XLMP.
      3) Run a three wire cable from the XLMP to the left machine chassis and repeat for the right machine chassis and install connectors.
      4) Instruct the VDB to send commands to the XLMP.

      There are of course some details of how this is done but it should be that simple.

      If you don't want the expense of doing all lanes at once, I might suggest doing one pair to start with to eliminate your wiring issues and see how you like the setup. Then later you can do the others as funds provide. Whether you can get this done by Thursday is unknown but I suppose it's possible if you get and XLMP shipped out overnight. That's your call to make but the install should take about an hour or less if you make sure you have the cables available.

      Again, I stress that you should double check your chassis to make sure it is setup to accept the signal from the XLMP. Make sure the connector is actually connected to something inside the chassis. Open the chassis and look for wiring or a board connected to the port on the side of the chassis. Once your comfortable you have the ability to accept the signal then you should feel comfortable ordering the XLMP.

      Can you post a picture of the wiring diagram from your Zot book. I should be able to put together a wiring diagram for you with that additional information. If you have the pdf of the manual that would be great also and I could give you an email to send it to.

      It sounds like you know how to troubleshoot your table wiring but just put it off. Let us know what else we can help you with.


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        They really are plug and play. I didn't have to do anything but hook them up. Took longer running the phone cord back to the chassis.

        They aren't cheap but we got used ones and still way less headaches and a lot less 4 letter words trying to find that one broken or grounded wire in the whole table. But could also just go 1 by 1 closing the respots for each pin and resetting to see what one would reset with the pin still in the gripper.

        Never had to do anything to the VDBs to get them working either.


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