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    The video done by George was shot at the AMF Castle Hill bowl in Sydney on the day it re-opened. I have spoken to the guys who installed the machines and they told me that the strings had not been adjusted at that stage after install and also there were some timing parameters that had to be set. Initial word was that George had done this video as a service to the industry as he was in Sydney having just competed in the Australian National I believe but rumor has it that AMF asked George to do it. Again I emphasize that this is a rumor so please don't quote me on it. I will be in Sydney next month doing the kickback install at AMF's North Strathfield centre in preparation for their TMS machines so I hope to get to Castle Hill and see how their machines are running after 3 months operation.



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      Here’s a question - in the US are string machines acceptable for USBC sanctioned tournament or league play?


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        Not yet but I don't think it will be long before they are.


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