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  • Bowlers Tape

    Does anyone know of any tape out there that is similar to the original white bowlers tape? It was somewhat course and ruff, almost like sandpaper. The only tape I can find that is called course is still fairly smooth.

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    The stuff your looking for can be bought at Boat shops, usually on a roll you can buy any length you want, it's put on decks to top slipping

    always doing my best.


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      I never thought of that, I'll check it out. Thanks


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        Real bowlers tape is like the original bowlers tape.


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          Hate to tell you this Sam, but no it's not. I'm not sure how old you are, what I'm talking about is the bowlers tape that came out 30 some years ago. Before AMF bought them. The crap out there now is now where close to the original.


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