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NEW USBC Rule - weight holes banned


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  • NEW USBC Rule - weight holes banned

    If you think my girlfriend can fight, you should see her box!

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    Pro shops are going to be plugging a lot of balance holes. -- JohnP


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      I would think they would have to ease into that , say over a period of three years or so , they have talked about doing this before


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        From the USBC Site:
        To protect bowling’s future: USBC is eliminating balance holes Setting a new specification for oil absorption The overall result will slightly limit hook potential

        USBC research shows these changes will: Slow oil pattern transition Cause bowlers to move less Keep the same scoring pace with lower oil volume

        No current USBC approved balls will be deemed illegal. All equipment is grandfathered in, indefinitely. Balance holes need to be plugged by August 1, 2020.

        The goal IS to protect the playing environment for the future, NOT to lower scoring.

        1.Why did USBC eliminate the balance hole? Balance holes were originally intended to correct a ball that was drilled outside of our static weight tolerances. However, in recent years, balance holes have become a tool for pro shop professionals to manipulate the balls. Our studies determined the balance hole can
        greatly increase the Differential RG to strengthen the reaction of the equipment beyond the ball’s original design intent.
        2. What is the intended purpose of a balance hole? Balance holes were intended to help correct the static imbalance so that the ball would comply with USBC’s one-ounce rule for finger, thumb or side weight, and three-ounce rule for top or bottom weight.
        3. How important is finger, thumb or side weight? The static imbalance rule has been in place for decades, dating to before reactive resin. As bowling balls evolved, the coverstock has been cited in the 2008 ball motion study as having the most impact on performance of bowling balls, while side weight had minimal
        impact and the impact of finger and thumb was on the low end of the spectrum.

        And it goes on & on.....
        Note: Current Spec Manual is dated 07/17 and allows for Balance Holes. New Manual is not out yet, or I couldn't find it. Here is the 07/17 one -
        Manual Equipment Specs USBC 7_2017.pdf

        ALL Files Scanned with MALWAREBYTES PREMIUM Version and AVAST INTERNET SECURITY Version 18.3.2333
        Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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          USBC is failing miserably. So they take our dues money and piss them away on "studies" to protect the sport of bowling. What a joke.
          It is to late for USBC to put the genie back in the bottle, by allowing reactive resin balls.
          Perfect example on how a Pro sport address a major change in ball performance is PGA. Ball manufacturer introduced a muti dimpled ball, more than what was being produced. then any hacker could drive it 300 yards. PGA said fine do what you want but not allowed in our tournaments. End of story.
          So now USBC is working for the future yea right.
          Also USBC is requiring in 2019-2020 that the length of the bowling lane meet the .004 th rule for cross tilts and depression at 5 locations, changing location every year.
          Why because USBC did a test and if lanes all more level they tend to stay more level. Wow who could have guessed.
          Also if you move the kickbacks closer you get better carrie!!!! BRILLIANT!!!! Who could ever have guessed that.
          Thank goodness we have USBC to spend our dues on research like this. Dam I could have told them that for a few hundred.
          USBC is still the outdated good ol boys and now girls club that has no idea how to fix a dying sport, but they sure can spend our dues to make our lives harder "for the future of the sport".
          So I'm not called out as a hater, What I would like to see from USBC how about a national advertising campaign with our dues to promote sport of bowling. In all markets big and small.

          Enough already
          Later Chief


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            I wrote many years ago they should take the oil off the lanes, this is what makes the Reactive usable, without the oil the reactive cannot be used and weight holes become obsolete
            always doing my best.


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              It's strange as the static weight was always limited to 1 ounce, but they've completly changed this to 3 ounces and no hole!

              This rule alteration would only limit 2 handed bowlers only?
              Bring me the freshest "Mean Green" known to man! Juice on!


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                It also affects anyone that has been using balance holes to create super-strong layouts, for example double thumbs and motion holes. -- JohnP


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                  Ball manufacturers will brib...err, have something to say about this.
                  But this should have been done years ago before it all got out of hand.


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