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AMF Sidewinder value?


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  • AMF Sidewinder value?

    How much is an AMF sidewinder drill press worth? Thanks

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    Re: AMF Sidewinder value?

    I gave mine away.

    $200 tops.


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      Re: AMF Sidewinder value?

      If you're buying, nothing.

      If you're selling ... whatever the putz will give you for it. Anything over a warm six pack, you'd be ahead [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif[/img]
      Find it


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        Re: AMF Sidewinder value?

        I don't know, it is easy to make anything work as I have drilled with the sidewinder the tall ugly hydraulic leaking machine (Gillmac) and Innovative presses.
        Newer is more precise.

        If your buying and you have nothing now and all bits are included you might be capable of making some good money.


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          Re: AMF Sidewinder value?

          I would like to add one of these to my collection, but I am not a big spender.
          Old and obsolete? It's new to me!


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            Re: AMF Sidewinder value?

            c,mon tallrick,
            open up that wallet!
            i used an amf sidewinder for a
            couple of years. i used it sort of like
            an upright because of trying to calibrate
            the machine on a regular basis. if you used
            the jig in just two of the dimentions it worked
            pretty good. up down and side to side. didn't
            use whole span dimentions to divide figures.
            reminded me of the brunswick span-o-matic
            device. for collecting purposes it will
            be a want for somebody who would take the time
            to rebuild it to original condition.
            don't be hatin on the sidewinder!


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              Re: AMF Sidewinder value?

              Well I don't hate it, everyone else does! There isn't one left within a day's driving distance of me! All I want it for is to convert trash pile balls into "house" balls. Would love a sidewinder and a ball polisher, or even lustre king!
              Old and obsolete? It's new to me!


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                Re: AMF Sidewinder value?

                if you do find one,make sure you can
                get the manual that comes with it. may
                not be a big issue but if they have
                the original manual that goes with the
                press than it would have a little more
                value to it. the machine works great
                for drilling house balls. it was like the
                gilmac as far as designing a drill press to
                drill a span without removing the ball from the
                jig. i grew up using a gilmac but i see the similarities
                of the side winder. i think it would be a cool
                item to have if it was totally reconditioned
                and calibrated properly.


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                  Re: AMF Sidewinder value?

                  man...I used one for years.... conventional balls are a wizz...but not soo precise
                  Why yes, we wax them everyday!


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                    If your 3600 is similar to the 2500, then set the span at the longest span, centering bit on CL and use the span set handle to check the line by ratcheting to the shortest span.If the ball is lined up the bit should travel @long grip CL.
                    I'm not familiar with the 3600 and know very little about that model. When the 2500 has that 'slop' in the center, I think the cradle can be shifted ever so little toward the thumb and it stabilizes right on the CL. Also, is there an adjustment knob for the cradle 'float' for bridge setting or a release for off-set or Collier Grip drilling?


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                      Curelyn, the 2500 had individual Drill Bits the 3600 had a single adjustable Drill Bit, both not good if you are trying Off-Sets as the Ball is likely to move.

                      always doing my best.


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