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    Hey All,
    We are looking to buy an oil extractor for our center. What product does everyone like the most. Detox, The Wave, the Revivor or is there something else?
    I was looking for an existing thread but could not find one.
    Thank for your opinion,

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    I use the Revivor temp set at 120, no problems. Works really well, no complaints.
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      I use the revivor also, set to 130 deg. Works perfect for 8 years allready. Easy money maker.
      We charge about $ 15,00 to extract the oil only and $ 22,50 to do an oil out and resurface.


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        I use the revivor also, never had any issues with it. Just remember to change out the pads.


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          Dang that is cheap... Get more for that combo bro! I get $40 for both...


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            Originally posted by davesproshop View Post
            Dang that is cheap... Get more for that combo bro! I get $40 for both...
            YES............^^^^^^^^^^^^^^AT LEAST THAT MUCH FOR SURE !!!!


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              Is anybody using the Detox? That thing looks cool.


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                We got one this summer. Works great. In the past I had used a cheap set of ovens. People can really see the results in the shop if you don't change the water, and on the lanes as well. I really like it, although sometimes the high pitch can bug some people.


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                  Thanks for the input. That thing looks legit.


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