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Can someone tell me why


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  • Can someone tell me why

    Started league the other night with my Sync 'polished" ball it is drilled to be aggressive . Couldn't get it to the pocket , moved outside where our house has very little oil "outside 8" .
    Still couldn't get the ball to the pocket . Switched to an Arson Low Flare "polished" same outside line it would go long and then turn like crazy at the backend . The Arson is what I generally use when the lanes start breaking down at the end of the night . How could or should it hook more than the Sync ? To me it doesn't make sense . Any suggestions on why this happens ?
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    What oil are you using? Some bad stuff out there playing slick. The hooking ball inside wont finish, the hooking ball outside can lose energy and roll out, the hard ball outside can hold the revs and turn better on the back end. Just a guess.


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      I agree with rivmike. Your Sync was probably using all it's energy too soon when you moved outside so it had nothing left when it got down lane. You either have to start the ball inside farther & swing it out to the dry or go with something less aggressive if you want to go straighter up the outside. Pretty common in todays world.


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        Thanks guys
        It's better to remain silent and let people think you're stupid than to speak and remove all doubt


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            Or the ball died. Don't know if they still make "particle" balls, but they sounds like the reaction I'd get once my particle balls died.
            I stopped buying particle balls because they were expensive and didn't last very long.
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              i know my sync died after about 6 months and it was all of a sudden just never recovered. I totally agree with the roll out theory that has already been mentioned. Hard to see but aggressive equipment that encounter too much friction too early during the roll will give the appearance of not hooking. Ball motion is everything.


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                Ten pins said it earlier. The polymer of the ball crystallized essentially making it a plastic ball with a core. AKA it died.


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