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  • New boss new problems

    Our center got taken over recently and the new operator is causing several issues. The biggest one is that he's overly anal about heating the building. He has installed programmable thermostats at the front that shut OFF the furnace's all night and turn on during the day. Consequently when they come on they never shut off as they can't catch up. Somehow he thinks this is saving money?
    However the big problem is that he gets really ticked off, yells and screams about either furnace at the back running at all and has ( more or less) permanent ly shut them down. This results in the temp. At the back being anywhere from 40 to 55 deg.
    Solo the guys at the back working on the A2's have to work on the running machines while wearing all of their outside clothing.
    When asked about it the operator says " well if your cold you aren't working hard enough ".??
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    Sounds like your new boss is a massive a-hole.

    Go to his boss, whoever that may be in your center's hierarchy, and start complaining. I can tell you from experience that wearing a jacket and working on an A2 in near freezing weather is difficult and the extra clothes makes it hard to move around in some places.


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      Where to start? Well, how about wearing loose clothing on/around an A2? Sounds like a safety issue. And, I see you are in Canada? Shutting heat off at night? Shutting heat off to the back? How long until you start freezing water lines? I've seen sprinkler heads pop from freezing in an unheated room. Good Luck!


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        Certainly working in loose, bulky clothing poses a safety issue. Do you ever get condensation forming on step/walkways with those temp swings? Furthermore, I would imagine it will be near impossible to provide consistent lane conditions in an environment with temperature swings that wild in the course of a day. That's assuming you have competitive play. As cobalt mentioned, take the issue up the chain. If they give their blessing to running the place in this fashion, that should tell you all you need to know.


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          tinkering with the thermostat more than just a few degrees for overnight operation may well cost you more than you think.


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            I just see it as the cost of doing business. If you can't provide your mechanic with a reasonable working environment it won't be long until you don't have a mechanic.


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              Your new boss sounds extremely under qualified. Where is your nearest clue store? He should go buy one...
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                I can understand trying to save money where it is possible and makes sense to do so
                What I don't understand is how someone who isn't qualified to manage a bowling center got to be there in the first place.


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                  Originally posted by avisitor View Post
                  I can understand trying to save money where it is possible and makes sense to do so
                  What I don't understand is how someone who isn't qualified to manage a bowling center got to be there in the first place.
                  I had the same issue with my last center, which is the reason why I left. That, and i got a much better offer.


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