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    Anybody ever read the warning label on the OLD Brunswick Deck Chute Conditioner can? The one with the skull and crossbones on it. That was some nasty stuff. Had a friend use it without protection and he was not right for almost three months.


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      Originally posted by jimcon View Post
      Anybody ever read the warning label on the OLD Brunswick Deck Chute Conditioner can? The one with the skull and crossbones on it. That was some nasty stuff. Had a friend use it without protection and he was not right for almost three months.
      Well i recently read the label on the "no pin slide" stuff we use and wow i now have the urge to buy on of these hazard suits! xD

      So and also i have a war story of myself to share. A few months back i had also a work accident, i was in a hurry and as i was on my way to get some tools (because something broke) i saw a pin in the pin holder about to get stuck and jam the table and because i was in a hurry i didnt had a grabbing tongue we use to push the pin a bit. So i leaned forward and poked the pin so he would sit in the pin holder to avoid a jam, but in this moment the table was starting to move up and it took my fingers with it, and because there is this stupid steel strut i could not get my hand away anymore.
      My hand was pretty much horizontal (a bit more downwards) and my fingers went all the upwards with the table and as you can imagine, fingers normaly dont bend that far back.

      When the table was finaly far enough up so i could get my hand away i first tought "damn this was stupid, fortunately my fingers dont seem to be broken because i can move them" i was holding my hand with my other hand because of course it did hurt quite a bit. And i was moving my fingers and was really lucky i could move them.

      Wellll but then i noticed blood dripping from my hand, i turned it around and looked at it and my palm was ripped open like a sausage that was to long in the microwave. :/
      And so i got my self a journey to the hospital, and somehow everyone around me was more nervous and about to fall over then myself.

      This was a pretty good lessen for me to turn of the machines off for everything even for poking pins! And i hope it's one for other people as well!


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        I don't really qualify as an "older guy" in the business but I had an accident that left me pretty well scarred for the rest of my life. I was working a Monday night league in my center and had a lane go down, the long turret drive belt had broke. So I grabbed one from a lane that was down due to other maintenance issues. I had never reinstalled a tension spring for a long turret belt before and had no idea how to do it properly. Well needless to say as I was pulling it on it came off the pulley at the far end and snapped full force into my left eye. Ripped my eyelid into 5 pieces, and scratched my eyeball itself, it also completely destroyed my tear duct. Well now 1 1/2 years, 8 reconstructive surgeries later and a glass tube in the corner of my eye later I am finally able to see some stuff again. I use to have perfect vision and now can see shapes and colors but only vaguely.


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          Warning graphic!!

          This was my eye after they taped it back together until they got a surgeon in the state who could fix it.


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            Man Ty that's terrible! Is there any hope of getting any more vision in that eye??? It also reminds me of Roscoes unfortunate accident...
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              James, most likely not, I already have another 3 surgeries scheduled. They think time may help heal it but they're not for sure lol. My bosses still give me crap about it and all the days I need off for appointments lol.


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                As bad your injury is, your boss is even more terrible. o.O
                My Boss also came to me and asked my why i said to the doctor at the hospital that it was a work accident (because it was)... and they would save money if i said it happend in my free time. Sure i will just lie to the doctor and maybe have problems for the rest of my life because of it and dont get anything from my medical insurance company, only because they want to save a bit money o.O Some people are just awefull. :/

                I hope you will get better.


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                  Odai, sound like you work for my boss too! You gotta love how they always try and save money like that. Yeah I got a lecture from my bosses and corporate about how I should've gone to an urgent care and never called an ambulance. And then they try telling me that they're not going to cover the accident because they claimed it was my fault (which my state is a no fault state so that's an invalid argument). But by far the worst part was them not giving me the info so I could get prescriptions filled, I covered everything out of pocket..


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                    Amen! Nothing major so far, but i did fall off (lost balance and had to jump off) of a machine this year. Got away with just a limp for a day but could have been much worse.
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