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Looking for safety cut-off systems


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  • Looking for safety cut-off systems

    I'm looking for any information I can get on installing a system that will automatically shut down a pinsetting machine when it detects a person (customer) in an area they shouldn't be. Anything like features, price, contact information, schematics, etc would be wonderful. Hoping to find a complete system available, but I'm not against constructing one myself.

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    From memory, there is a system package named "lane Minder" not sure if still around.


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        I prefer barbwire and boobytraps...
        "Don't expect too much and you'll never be let down..."


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          Originally posted by RonInFla View Post
          I prefer barbwire and boobytraps...
          No guard dogs?.......


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            Originally posted by Headpin View Post

            No guard dogs?.......
            No...They tend to pee on everything...
            "Don't expect too much and you'll never be let down..."


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              Lane Minder is set up to protect from someone walking down the lane and flashes a light and beeps at the front counter
              Machine minder shuts the pair of Machines down if someone enters the front of the Machine


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                Cybernetics (Tenpintec) the same company who make the lane minder make a product called the "Machine Minder" its a very similar concept to the lane minder but has a transmitter on the mask leg and a reflector on the other leg, if the beam is broken it cuts power to the machine. With my XLi's they are wired in through my chassis E-Stops.
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                  After the post that I just put up, it reminded me that when we first installed 82-70s at our centre in 1977 we had no idea how to adjust the machines correctly and were getting pins in tables and this created problems with cups etc breaking. To "fix" this problem we fitted a micro switch to the front brackets on the bin assembly that slide up on the fixed pins so that if the bin assy lifted due to a pin standing in the table the machine would turn off. Also have a look at the QAMF site for the European standard guarding system.



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                    I put a infrared sensor across the lanes in a home so a passing child would shut off machine [s].
                    i think it waa $30.
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                      This works well. sgun C.jpg
                      Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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