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A timely reminder against complacency.


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  • A timely reminder against complacency.

    A proprietor who I service 82-90s for rang me today and asked me " have you ever got caught between the table and shuttle"? I asked him to clarify what he meant and to which I replied "no". He then went on to tell me that he had just been in a machine trying to clear a pin jammed in the table and had forgotten to both turn off the machine and unplug the motors. He was on his knees with his upper body in between the table and shuttle when a child pressed the reset button on the ball return. The resulting injuries were from when he tried to extricate himself from between the assemblies after fortunately the table motor klixon tripped. He is lucky that it did trip otherwise the table would have kept driving upwards. As you can see from the pics he has puncture wounds from spotting cups on his chest and head and shuttle pin holder bolt threads in his back. He was basically being squashed between the 2 assemblies.
    This should be a reminder that no matter how often we work on machines we should always take the necessary precautions when entering the machines. Apparently the front staff were not aware of what happened until he got free from the machine.


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    I dont understand how the people on the lane didn't noticed that he was on the deck or that he then got stuck and called for someone... o.O


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      Many, many years ago I was replacing a scissor assembly on a Brunswick Jet Back just before a woman's league was going to start. The machine was off at the main breaker and plug disconnected. As I lay on the deck the bowlers were beginning to come in. Sooo... I kicked the pit cushion to drop the rake just for the heck of it. Things weren't going well and now all the other lanes came on for practice bowling. Most of the teams were not fully there yet but a lady had placed her ball on the ball rack and proceeded to put her shoes on. A minute or so later she picked up her ball and proceeded to bowl ON MY LANE !! As her ball was about half way down the lane she Finally Noticed that I was laying on the deck and screamed. A Little late ya think. The ball was light, bounced off the rake and fell in the gutter. I was just finishing the scissor replacement, kicked her ball back to her, and turned the machine on about 5 minutes before the league was scheduled to start. They just don't look !!???
      Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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