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Local news this morning, non bowling but affects us all


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  • Local news this morning, non bowling but affects us all

    Saw this on the local news this morning and it reminded me of how i have been required to work on various electrical things over the years and have received no formal training, safety or otherwise other than being told by AMF to always unplug the machine before working on it and was made aware of lock out tag out procedures but all that got overlooked. I did my own research and have gotten by on my own with no incidents, (maybe a close call or 2) but many times no one gets any safety training and this is a sobering reminder of how dangerous it can be.
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    This is a great story, thank you for sharing!!

    Mike Wilson
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      I took the classes for my journeyman electrician at my local community college and one night in industrial safety we watched and listened to nothing but arc flash videos, including some resulting in fatalities. I'm not saying that this guy's story isn't important or he is a moron but he got off light compared to a lot of people who get intimate with an arc flash. The one I linked below is one of the best ones I can find online but the one that really drove it home for me was a guy who burned something like 90% of his body working in a live box in a room that had a gas leak in it and the visceral description of running while on fire and watching his skin sluff off really got to me and the scar tissue made his entire visible body was like the freddy kruger skin and his ears were like melted into his scalp and I mean every hair on his head was still gone years after when he was giving the speech about what had happened. I can't remember his name but I don't think I'll ever forget his story or his face.

      This video is about a fatality from and arc flash you have been warned.
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