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New LED deck lighting systems


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  • New LED deck lighting systems

    I understand there are some LED deck light systems being sold out there that do not turn the light off when the pinsetter is shut off from the back. The only way to kill the light is from the counter. Just wondering how people are dealing with this and if anyone has had any real problems. Not real excited about trying to rehang a curtain with the light still on or having to climb all the way to the front to physically unplug wire to LED assm.

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    The PIT LED systems that are powered externally will have this problem.

    I've installed a relays inside our LED PSU boxes that are connected to the 24v power in each pinsetter. Whenever the pinsetter circuit breaker or power plug is unplugged it will turn off the LED array for that lane.
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      Thanks for the reply. We have a homemade system where we utilize a relay also. The new one we're looking at has a power supply and control box that does a pair. We can't figure out a way to break power to a single light bar. Each light has it's own 8 wire set. We figured we would just break the "power" wire with a switch but they are telling us it can't be done. We also thought of making a breaker controlled by the pinsetter that the 8 connector would run through.


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        You may not be able to split the pair depending on their design. You will need to post more information such as make and model if you would like help with this.


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          Its all in how you wire the power to it I would think. We have the zot colorsplash led pinlights and at the time of install I insisted the driver boxes plug into the pinlight receptacle on the machine so they would only be on when the pinspotter was on. Otherwise they would have been plugged into other outlets with no way to turn them off


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            The ones at Beloit ALL come on with the Masking Unit Lights and cannot be turned off individually. I thought about re-wiring them to individually turn of but considering how many people throw the ball whether the machine is On or Off, Lit or Unlit, I went a different direction. Installed the 1st ball reset links. Told employees to NEVER go down on the deck or into the rear of the machine with bowlers present UNLESS the rake is down. Soooo... check to make sure no one is bowling, reset machine to 1st ball, turn off and unplug machine, drop rake, remove deadwood for OOR, for ball in front of pit cushion, just go to 1st ball and cycle machine, anything else, go to first ball, turn off and unplug, drop rake and do what needs to be done. We Do NOT have 90 degree over-travel. This procedure doesn't work if you do, but hopefully there aren't many machi8nes left that do.

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