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Wooden Catwalk boards


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  • Wooden Catwalk boards

    Hello, we have the crappy wooden catwalks on the back and in between the pinsetters. They're painted the same color as the floor which is grey/blueish color. My question is that would it be better to paint them with the black no-slip paint, or leave them be? I am talking about that gritty black paint. Or will the grit get into the machine and cause problems?

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    I know it's not the answer your after, but I'd start by changing the name used to reference it to something like a 'tool rest'. It doesn't have a hand rail and isn't sufficiently wide enough to be used to walk along; add to that all the gaps and it's like something out of Indiana Jones.

    I know how convenient it is to walk on it but times are-a-changin' and there are a lot of injuries worldwide associated with walking along it...not to mention the penalties to the business for neglecting worker safety with condoning its use as a catwalk.

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      Gotcha. I understand. Well not walking on the top per say, but on the panel inbetween the machines, would that be fine or no?


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        OK Never worked on A2 But On 8230AMF I had all "cat walks" painted safety yellow. And all mechanics knew it was a safe place to walk on. So I can only suggest that you paint any area that is "safe to walk on" safety yellow.
        Later Chief


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          Antislip paint would be hard to keep clean. I've always kept them the original grey colour.

          I used to run down the catwalks chasing calls back in my younger days. Couldn't do it now..... too fat and lazy.
          Sadly, James is correct, too much litigation going on these days to even hint that you can walk on them.


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            The parts manual references it as a "Board" and a "Steel Catwalk" which is NA. That's because only cats can walk on it. LOL If it's less than 6 feet wide, I wouldn't even attempt it. James is correct as always.

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              My opinion is to use a grey close to the original and use FLAT finish. This should put it to the original condition/texture as close as possible. My opinion.


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                Here's the deal. Whatever you want to call the piece of wood above your head while standing behind machine, I know what your referring to. As the head mechanic, paint it whatever color you would like. I would stay with darker colors so it doesn't show the grease and dirt and make sure it's gloss or semi gloss so it's easy to clean.
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                  What I am referring to is using a textured non-slip paint. would that be good or not?


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                    Last place I worked the catwalk had some texture on it, but I'm not sure what was used. Kind seemed like it had some sand like particles in it, certainly tore up the sponge when I cleaned it. It was painted light blue gray.


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