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Managers turning off Maintenance Mode


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  • Managers turning off Maintenance Mode

    We have a situation in our facility. Our managers are not used to mechanics in the facility from open to close to maintain the lanes and the games on site, This is a new facility in the company and many of them come from theaters or one location that the mechanic is only there for certain hours 5 days a week to do repairs. We turned off 4 lanes to do some cleaning and the managers came in and demanded that we do not use Maintenance Mode because it "Looks tacky and as if we have a bunch of lanes under repair", even with the word "CLEANING" on the screen. They had said they would not sell the lanes while we are cleaning.

    Needless to say, they went and turned off Maintenance Mode. Shortly after that the workers sold the lane while we are cleaning it, this was the only lane sold at this time as the whole building was practically empty. Luckily for us we were told to put the machines in lockout/tagout and no one could do anything.

    The logic that these managers used was, "This is how we do it at. so and so." However, in that facility they just turn the lanes off and don't sell it for the night until the mechanic comes in and repairs it. In fact, they pause the games or transfer lanes before they even call us and we have to work around the paused game or a lane turned off that we cannot see the issue until the lane is sold again.

    In my opinion this is a safety issue because one day we will be in process of cleaning and take off the lockout/tagout to do some cleaning of bands or other issue and they will sell a lane and it turns on while we are checking something. I'm very safety conscious and I don't like my safety being in the hands of someone who doesn't know what we do until we don't do it.

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    Hmm. My center is only 20 lanes, so shutting down 4 lanes at a time wouldn't normally happen. But the main issue here is your safety which is job #1, and it sounds like there needs to be better communication between your mechanics & desk managers. Personally, I would give each manager a tour of the machinery and explain to them why Maintenance Mode is so important...they could seriously injure or kill someone.

    At my center the desk manager does everything except cook in the kitchen. We do the pin chasing, cleaning, repairs. So if I take a lane or two out of service no one else is going to turn them back on except me.


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      We have 16 lanes and at the time all three of the mechanics were in the building when our team lead decided to clean them. As I stated, there practically wasn't anyone in the building at the time. He assumed we could pop out 4 lanes quickly with the three of us together.

      I fully agree that it is a safety issue and no one should turn them on except the mechanic who works on them.


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        So, rename the "Cleaning" to "Upgrading", or post a HUGE sign at the counter so the desk help can see you have the lanes offline.
        Bowlers dont mind that the lanes get worked on, as long as there are open lanes for them to use.

        Ask the managers (to stop over-managing) to climb into a machine without maintenance mode on.
        I am sure they will change their minds quickly.


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