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    40 lane house split 24-16 one mechanic per shift with a chaser on each side. Couldn't understand that their job title was exactly what they were supposed to be doing. One couldn't be bothered to clear a pinfeed if he was standing on the catwalk of that machine and pins were being pushed over the dissy because he had his eyes glued to his phone.
    I'm in a 24 lane house now, and we don't use pin chasers. At 36 years old a typical shift for me is doing between 7,000 and 10,000 steps or about 5.5 miles, doing everything from chasing to the bigger things.
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      My youngest pinchaser is 16. All of ours are usually highschoolers but i also have as 19yo and a 20 yo.


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        Started when I was about 3 LOL but my dad was a mechanic. Remembering his favorite instructional technique: "Hold the Light and Don't Ask Any Questions". No LOL here.

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          I started at 18 years old, right out of high school. This is my 4th year and am now a certified B.


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            Started working in a center as porter/customer service at 15.
            Moved onto mechanic at 18 (1976).
            Now working at multiple centers, brunswick and amf.


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              Started straight out of college. Age 16. At that stage I was qualified as a first year apprentice at 6 different mechanical trades.
              What a waste, could have pursed several different mechanical trades However I started in a "A" house that involved the installation of machines imported from Japan

              Caught the bug and the rest is a blur of good times, poor pay, crap hours and a great deal of personal satisfaction.

              Would I encourage anyone in this country in this day and age to pursue employment as a tenpin bowling tech? Only if I hated them!

              Great job. Below average pay, crap hours and the chance of actually financially benifiring from their effort is slim at best.


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                I started when I was 52, lol. Our center doesn't have pin chasers. We have desk managers who do pretty much everything except cook in the kitchen. I don't think 17 is too young for a dedicated pin chaser, but your typical 17 year old doesn't have the maturity & critical thinking skills to run a 20 lane house all by themselves.


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