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Automatic red indicator lights.


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    He hasn’t been active on bowl tech in almost a year. So I doubt he’ll respond.


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      exMech The "package.nw" file has all of the JavaScript's inside it, you can extract it using 7-Zip.


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        So I assume the source code is the code that is in Open Score and runs the whole program? If so, how do I “extract” it or get it? I assume that is what I’d have to do to start this whole process.


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          I believe most of the source is in the "package.nw" file as mentioned above, the other files didn't really get me anywhere. You will need to download 7-Zip and then extract the file using it.


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            Ah. That’s right. Sorry I should’ve read over those again. I’ll try it out and let you know how it goes.


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              I downloaded 7-zip. Opened the " package.nw" file. But when I opened it there were more files in that folder and more inside those folders. And I didn't know what to do lol.


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                The folder named "js" should have them. A good program to edit them with if you don't already have a program to edit JavaScript's is Notepad++.


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                  I was able to unzip the file using 7-zip. Doing some additional research I discovered the .nw file is part of a packaging program that allows javascript files to run as a standalone app. So I was able to modify the code to signal when a strike was thrown and when it was standing pins. While I haven't yet had luck recreating the .exe file I was able to run the app from the command line to verify I was able to modify the code. This means success. Even if we can't recreate the .exe file, I can write a program to take it's place.

                  So now I need to decide the best way to interact with the arduino. I may end up writing another program to interface between the OS2 and the arduino. That's not a big deal I just haven't had time to do that yet. I want to review the code further to see if there may be a better way.

                  I did find some answers to other questions people asked regarding the handicap function. It appears this was intended but that feature wasn't completed in the release.


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                    Sorry for the late reply. But that’s awesome, thank you. I downloaded 7-zip and had no idea what I was doing to be honest lol. So this is a big help. There is no hurry with this though so don’t put this on your priority list of things to do. But it is much appreciated.
                    And about the handicap thing... thank you for letting me know because the other day I was still looking for where to put it in. So now I don’t have to waste my time looking for that, thanks. Lol.


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