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  • OpenScore II Updates

    Hey there Bowltechies,

    It has been a while since I've been able to share an update. Between projects blowing up and moving across the country, things have been insane lately! However, I'd always intended to get back to doing some work on OpenScore. It has been over six years since the first release of OpenScore freely to the community, and my how time has flown! I wouldn't have imagined that the software would be as widely used as it is since it was largely an experiment. Even some people have figured out how to use the software to make money, which I find a bit ... uhh... interesting.

    I've pooled together a few feature requests submitted by the various users of OpenScore and will lay some of the roadmap out here:
    • Support for infrared ball triggering - this is done and is now available at
    • Support for player handicaps - I know I added a place on the display for handicap, but there is no feature implemented there for it. This shouldn't take a bunch of time to finish.
    • Support for ball 1/ball 2 indicator lamps - I can add this feature onto the infrared trigger kit. I already ordered the first batch of boards but will design it into revision 2. If you want this, let me know and I can make it happen quickly.
    • Support for enhanced pindication/strike/spare animations - This is really just a talent issue. Through contracts I've done over the last two years, I've met quite a few animators and we can finally put this on the roadmap.
    • Support for practice time - This is done and available now at

    I recently did a video of the design process of the infrared triggering system, putting the boards together and testing it with the latest version of OpenScore II

    Many thanks to Braedan Branneman for keeping the Small Scale Bowling stuff alive and available to the masses. Major thanks to coasterp for continued parts availability and of course the entire Bowltech community. It has been amazing seeing what people have been able to come up with.

    For other feature requests, feel free to comment in this thread and I'll be sure to get back to you.

    The official OpenScore website/download center is:

    It's great to be back!

    -- Jimmy

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    Good to see you back.


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      Yes! Great to chat with Jimmy again!! Glad he's back! And yes, thanks Braedan for your awesome videos!! Love watching them!! I have to update my videos soon! Was wondering if sometime many of us could start posting videos (or links to videos) of unusual pinfall shots, such as late messengers etc. Just a thought....Let me know if someone has ideas about this..
      --- SteveJT66

      82/70's,kickers,Kegel Kustodian


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        Glad you're back!


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          Is this a open source project? If so, where do we find the code?


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