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MIni lane and kickback and flat gutter ideas


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  • MIni lane and kickback and flat gutter ideas

    I need help with my mini lane... I have worked on the curtain and i have worked on the flat gutters and making them the right height for usbc specs ... I need some feed back on what you guys think I should do to improve pin action I can bounce out a pin and take out the 10 for the 7-10 still need alot of help please help me all you can thanks
    Flat gutter and langlo kickback plates

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    Maybe try using a doormat as a pit curtain, also you should try half scale bowling on that lane.


    • nbvjackson
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      Better yet go to your local bowling lanes and ask if they will sell you the old curtains, you can trim them down and have a real curtain not an imitation

    • Ondrejjordan
      Ondrejjordan commented
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      The curtain I have is a real curtain I trimmed it and hanged it

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    You may want to run a stabilizer of some kind between the tops of your kickbacks. I can't tell from your picture but it looks like the kickbacks are only supported at their bases. With that said, if you're looking for messangers to come flying across the deck and destroy the 10 pin (assuming you are right handed) it's probably not going to happen. I would equate the pin action you will see to what used to be seen with old urethane balls before they started putting the stupid weight blocks of today in them.

    It also looks like you're using old synthetic lane. Is that correct?


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      coasterp your right.. I have longed for a good messnager to take out the 6 really the 10 pin. I have had good action where I pop out pins and make it a great shot.. I have a real curtain from my center I bowl at know the mechanic and am one myself.. real flatgutters And kickback plates from langlo yes the lane is synthetic lane the lane isn't that old I am using a DPA duradeck pindeck


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        Originally posted by Ondrejjordan View Post
        coasterp your right.. yes the lane is synthetic lane the lane isn't that old I am using a DPA duradeck pindeck
        This may be another thing to work on for increased pin action. I have gone to what is basically counter top laminate. You have to find the right one but I can now slow hook the ball. Its skids through the front part of the lane and then hooks and goes into a roll at the back end, all without the use of oil. It's very durable too. If you haven't seen my website check it out. I have pictures of the lane. The lane surface I use is a standard product I can buy locally. You would just have to see who supplies what in your area.


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            Also gotta screw back in the bolts coming out of the tail plank


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