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small scale candlepin lane 1/5 scale


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  • small scale candlepin lane 1/5 scale

    this is a lane I made for my grand kids , the 7 y old could not set the pins so I made a semi automatic pinsetter ,
    push it down when it touches the deck the pins release the ball shooter is like a pin ball one. the lane is 8 ft
    long , it was made for kids ,, but it play's so real a lot for fun..Click image for larger version

Name:	877floormodel bowling 005.jpg
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ID:	889008Click image for larger version

Name:	877floormodel bowling 003.jpg
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ID:	889009Click image for larger version

Name:	877floormodel bowling 006.jpg
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Name:	877floormodel bowling 002.jpg
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Name:	877floormodel bowling 007.jpg
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    That's great! We're did you get the pins?


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      1/2 nylon rod ,, the taper on the pin is 1- 1/2 degrees to the strip the pin action is so real ,the pin deck (plate) is brunswick anvil upside down


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        thanks davect

        the plat or pin deck is Brunswick Anvil lane up side down , that and the nylon pins make a great combo .. Paul


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          That is just totally COOL!!!!! Looks great.


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            Man! This is like one I have been scheming. Nice work!



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              So I know this is an old post but maybe someone can help me out. How is the lane actually made? Cause it looks like a sanded down 2x4 or 2x6 or something lol


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                Just noticed this. That's a really nice looking piece there!


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